Wheat Straw Travel Cup, 300ml

Eco-friendly wheat cup with silicone sleeve and lid


Need a coffee, tea or smoothie on the move?

The wheat travel mug/cup is your side-kick! Made for on-the-go.

All natural and biodegradable.

So what is wheat straw plastic? It is a completely natural and derived from wheat straw (byproduct). Wheat contains a cellulose and when we break this down a new material can be made and from this polymers are created. Yes these are natural PP polymers and are biodegradable. In just 3-6 months it will fully break down/compost (excl. silicone sleeve/lid).

Max temperature: 100’C

Gluten Free


Silicone Lid & Sleeve.

Capacity: 300ml

Measurements: H 14.2cm x W/D 8.5cm

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